Kinda in a rut

Sorry to go on and on about trees….

We moved around Shelbyville Lake today to a new campground, and had a little fun this evening. Tried something new to show the glorious trees at our site, and you get to see the results first.

Took multiple pictures, and stitched them into a panorama. Originally posted a combination of three shots, but preferred just two, so have changed the picture below. Click on it to see the full effect.

How fun!

But for you to get more of the effect, you need to see how our massive coach pales in comparison to these truly massive trees:

3 thoughts on “Kinda in a rut

  1. Don’t apologize for the trees, they are truly beautiful. They are the “lung” of the earth and we certainly should be thankful for them. I so enjoy your adventures Doug. Greetings to Robin.

  2. Great panoramic view! On my camera it is called Stitch and it is soooo easy to do. It’s fun to play with!

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