Not a bad place to spend a day….or two….or….

Brother, this place just goes and goes.

We started walking….past the marina….past the boat ramp and its huge parking lot for over 75 pickups and boat trailers….past the huge wooded day-use park….and right onto the paved walkway atop the long earthen dam that forms the lake where we’re camped.

Today’s photo was taken from beside the dam, looking back toward the campground. The lake is still much too cold for swimming, so the line of marker buoys that define the swimming area still lie on the beach.

With the topsy turvy weather of this winter and spring, it’s hard to keep in mind what we should expect at this time of year in this location. I guess it’s also hard to keep in mind where we are, south-to-north.

I’ve always thought of St Louis as pretty much in line with Dayton and Indianapolis. Not so, we’re more in line with Louisville than Indy! Which probably explains why we’ve been about 10 degrees warmer than Dayton the past few days.

We move to Lithia Springs Campground tomorrow, north about 80 miles along Lake Shelbyville. Only staying about 10 days, then on to Kokomo for a few days and on to Dayton. We might be in Dayton less than 24 hours, because we have to be at Maumee Bay State Park near Toledo by the evening of May 7. Meeting Jim and Caroline G from Dayton to do some serious birding up there!

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