We have a really Big Shew tonight

Apologies to Ed Sullivan….

Lots of fun pictures….no fair peeking ahead.

We moved from the campground where we were around the corner from the hawk nest. So sad.

That campground was one of four around Rend Lake in southern Illinois, along the west side of Interstate 57, south a few miles from where it crosses Interstate 64. We liked the area so much we changed plans for June through September, and will be returning to several of them during those months.

And to this new place, Dam West Campground on Carlyle Lake, 50 miles due east of St Louis.

It is another new iteration of Army Corps of Engineers campground. More like a state park, in that sites are closer together, and it’s associated with a marina and a hotel & conference center.

Check out the view from the back of our site: backed up to the lake and marina. Another difference: this marina is almost exlusively sail boats. Indeed, this lake was the site for the 1994 US Olympic Festival Sailing Competition.

Beside the marina, a lovely new woodsy day-use area, complete with swings and playground equipment. Bingo, the twins had been missing that at the prior place. You can see the fun they had!

We had a REALLY fun development today, and HAD to share it with you!

Robyn faithfully follows the Dayton Bald Eagles who have a nest at Eastwood Lake, and she first reported last week that from the webcam it looked like the pair had hatched three babies, not just two. Other official watchers eventually agreed, and today we received a nice photo that shows all three!

Check it out: two eaglets are obvious, the third is to the left of them, with just his or her head fuzz showing above the nest…very near mom’s beak as she bends near!

We have included three more fabulous pictures taken today of the family. Roger Garber, the photographer, has spent nearly every waking moment for the past three or four years following this pair of adult eagles as they have learned to build nests (this is their third) and raise young ones (these are their fourth batch of hatchlings).
Roger has learned their habits and favorite haunts, and very clearly has learned how to capture their beauty, majesty, and grace with his camera! We thank him for allowing us to share these pictures with you!

Two places showcase this pair of eagles, with constant updates in word and picture: the Eastwood Eagle Watchers blog at eastwoodeaglewatchers.wordpress.com, and the eagle cams operated by Boonshoft Museum at http://www.boonshoftmuseum.org/programs-events/special-events/eagle-cam.

6 thoughts on “We have a really Big Shew tonight

  1. Gorgeous! 3 little bobbleheads… just like the Norfolk nest last year. They are spectacular creatures. Thank you for sharing!

    • Follow the two websites I’ve mentioned above, because they’ll keep you current about the progress of the babies. When they fledge in just a matter of weeks, the parents will be flying constantly, and you’ll be able to see them from Eastwood Lake very easily and very often!

  2. Thank you Driver for sharing !! I will be Visiting Jim “N” Cindy’s House again today. Hope to get a Pic or two

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