Reduced to eating sawdust

It’s really not so terrible….

Remember we took slices of 5 pies to go from our brunch at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement? Just finished the last piece.

From their menu:

Dutch Peach Pie
“A delightful mixture of custard & peaches, finished with a pecan strudel topping ‘drizzled’ with caramel.”
Boo Boo Pie
“A rare time when Mother tried to use someone else’s recipe and it failed. She gave the mistake to us kids to eat and she went back to the drawing board to redo this pie. She proudly brought out the second pie which was the way it was supposed to be, but we liked the mistake better. This meant Mother had to figure out what she had done wrong and we boys had to figure out a name for this pie: and so, ‘Boo Boo’ pie came to be. It’s a rich brownie type pie with a gooey, coconut macaroon filling topped with whipped cream and a cherry.”
Kentucky Chocolate Pecan
“An old Kentucky tradition and very rich. It is pecan pieces joined with semi-sweet chocolate chips in a flaky pie shell.”
Old Fashioned Butter Crumb Apple
“A careful mixture of sliced apples, brown sugar and cinnamon baked in a flakey pie shell and finished with a butter crumb topping ‘drizzled’ with caramel.”

And, for us, the coup de grâce, 2 slices of:
Sawdust Pie
“Coconut, graham cracker crumbs and pecans in an egg batter and baked with a flaky pie shell. We top this with sliced bananas, whipped cream and more sliced bananas. This pie got its name because the kids say it looks like baked sawdust.”

What a way to keep up our strength…..

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