Out of superlatives

Oh my goodness, how much better can life get?

Check out the picture of us checking out our new digs.

Actually, we moved into Gun Creek Campground on April 10. We found our site to be just a little uncomfortable to climb in and out of the coach because of sloping ground, so we spotted another site nearby that we could move to. But it was a little boring, and we could hear Interstate traffic noise, so we drove 8 miles to another campground where we have reservations in July, to see if there was anything interesting there.

While we were thinking about what we found, we drove back toward Gun Creek. There was a third campground on the way, so we stopped in there. Oops, that was a mistake. Tooooo nice! We found a real nice spot that was available!

We went back to Gun Creek, cancelled the rest of our 14 day reservation, and drove back to the third campground, North Sandusky. Most of the sites are on spurs that end at water’s edge in a turn-around loop. The boys and I walked beyond that to the point of land for our spur. Totally lovely!

Now, we’re rethinking our July reservations!

This is kind of a classic campground, with sites set back into the shade of very large trees. The spur roads keep all the campground traffic from having to crawl past every campsite. The place is quiet.

We’ll have pictures in the coming days, because it’s a pretty scenic place. Been busy from the move and all. Computer problems, too….ordered a new one today….lifeline, you know.

Temperatures back to normal: 67 today, 37 last nite! Nights are supposed to warm about 10 degrees, but days will warm only a few. Excellent!

3 thoughts on “Out of superlatives

  1. Sounds like you found the perfect spot..someday we will check it out ourselves..Please keep a log of the best campgrounds that you come to, and we will do the same, that way..we will always know the best campsites too. Keep being Blessed!!

  2. What a great pic of you and the boys. Love the shots of your surroundings too…campgrounds and marinas…beautiful.

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