Getting ready for St Patrick’s Day

We’ve arrived and set up at our home for the next two weeks, Defeated Creek Campground, Tennessee.

Everything’s busting out all green in these parts, just in time for the weekend’s celebration of green!

Actually, we have a different name for that holiday: Robyn’s Birthday.

Indeed, we started celebrating with friends on our way out of Dayton this week….they brought some food and a cake with candles, we parked in the outlet mall parking lot, and had a grand old time!

Thanks, Janet & Ken!

It’s also been a real pleasure to get acquainted with our newest homesite. Another Army Corps of Engineers site, but quite different in so many ways from the others. Open and grassy, with the shorter trees we’re used to in the midwest. Sidewalks between many campsites! Sites closer to one another, but still plenty of space and plenty of gaps and open areas.

Oh, and busy! We arrived yesterday on opening day for the season, and by this evening very nearly every one of the 150 sites is occupied! We will have to quickly get adjusted to having many, many neighbors!

In the meantime, today we practiced “the wearing of the green” while strolling through the green.

7 thoughts on “Getting ready for St Patrick’s Day

  1. you should come to Michigan, we have 70 degree days and beautiful sunshine.

    Tell Robyn to have a great day,! Do you drink green beer and sing Irish Birthday songs?
    Rich and Laura

  2. Happy BIrthday, Robyn!
    We are on Lake Michigan, between Ludington and Manistee, staying with Steves sister and brother-in-law.
    Drove to a beautiful park in the dunes today – we walk on the beach every day.
    We stopped at the Meijer Gardens on the way – wow. Do you know it’s one of the top 30 museums in the world?
    Weather is just beautiful here
    We send love to all the Herdmans – Tibby and Steve

    • Such a lovely area where you are, and they arranged such magnificent weather for you! Those gardens are breathtaking! So glad you’re having such fun! Love to you both.

  3. Happy Birthday Robyn….Looks like a delicious cake !! OH, BTW, I did eat 3 marshmellows for you the next night after you left..I wanted to try making toast like you did on the open fire, but I never got around to doing that.
    Doug, don’t you love the FED parks? I have never seen one yet that wasn’t beautiful. Y’all have a wonderful two weeks, OH< BTW, Doug and I have already reserved camp 13 in Twinlakes for 2 weeks in May..Then we already got camp 12 in Sept, for 2 weeks. We like twin lakes a lot.
    Happy Birthday again my new campfire friend, I hope you enjoyed the canoe ride lol

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