Chillin in Dayton

Nearly freezin, actually. Thanks for reminding us why we were south for the past four months!

In case you saw us moving all over today on “Here we are!”, the coach stayed at Moraine Airpark while I travelled 140 miles to Versailles & Eaton with Jared for his work. More of that this coming week.

Connecting with family tomorrow at Nikki’s baby shower. Her little boy is due in May.

Various appointments this week. Maybe we can arrange something with you 😉

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4 thoughts on “Chillin in Dayton

  1. What happy news! Give Nikki my best wishes.

    I trust that you avoided the tornados the last couple of days.

  2. We saw a BLURRRRRR go by lol, was that y’all??? Did you fare the tornados? Sure hope so, we are well and safe here in Roberta Georgia.

    • Donna (and Madeline), we actually moved the Taxi into a concrete building briefly yesterday because of the tornado threat, but the sun came out shortly and we moved back to the Airpark!

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