Lumps & bumps, shoots & shags

Check out the really shaggy bark on some of the trees around here! I also liked the juxtaposition of the tiny oak tree’s leaves against the trunk of the massive pine.

Then, right in the middle of these mighty pine and oak trees…..a small grove of bamboo!

We ran across these two lumps on a rock….we would’ve been there all day if we’d let Ryan completely check out the rock with that left hand. We’ve started calling him the Paper Boy (check his right hand), because he has developed a delight in tearing papers and boxes. We save boxes for him, and he takes them along on our walks….or his Paper Route, as we now call them.

These pictures are from yesterday, because we were delayed in posting them due to events during our evening walk yesterday.

Ryan had quite a seizure as we were walking. Ross was a sweet trouper, standing by himself beside the road as we both dealt with Ryan, running back to the coach with me for some medication, standing very still and listening quietly as the siren of the ambulance came closer. Robyn rode in the ambulance, and the ER doc eventually decided Ryan could leave without being admitted.

HA! It was dark by now, and the coach was all hooked up and spread out….not possible to drive it to the hospital as we had planned to do today.

Then the camaraderie of campers stepped in. A couple who had just pulled into the campsite across from us earlier in the afternoon, inquired of me about the excitement, and when they heard, offered to drive me or to let me take the car they were towing, if it would help!

The couple, Dick and Maggie, had chosen the site because they could pull through without unhooking their toad (towed vehicle)…useful, because they were only staying the night and leaving in the morning. But Dick was eager to unhook the Jeep and give me the keys if it would help! It would, and he did.

Before Ross and I left, we had to arrange to get back into the campground….they lock the gate at 9pm! The camp attendant had already been to my site and talked with me about the ambulance and fire truck that had sped past his gate house. When he learned I would be bringing Ryan and Robyn back after the gate would be locked, he offered me his cell number to call when we were approaching the gate on return. He and his wife live onsite, and he would come down to let us in!

We make new friends all the time in our travels, and enjoy memorable occasions with them….but we prefer to avoid such high drama as the reason to meet them!

Ryan is fine today, although exhausted from his ordeal.

8 thoughts on “Lumps & bumps, shoots & shags

  1. WOW, I wondered why we didn;t hear from you yesterday, and now I know why. What a day you all had. I am glad to hear that Ryan is ok now, and things worked out for you all. I enjoyed the pictures very much.

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