Another reason we have fun

Because we cruise the countryside and wind up near dear friends from long ago….

When Robyn was a child, her family was dear friends with Davona and her family. And I knew her as my brother’s elementary school classmate in Berrien Springs, MI.

When Davona found we were parked 90 minutes down the interstate from her home, she loaded her hubby, Max, and two sweet girls, Mariah and Staci, into the car and came on down today!

We had a great time….check out the fabulous table arrangement made so painstakingly by Mariah and Staci!

4 thoughts on “Another reason we have fun

  1. Nice to see them here. We have known her family, too, and we knew Max’s family well also. When we were at AU on furlough from Korea ’64-’66, they were on furlough from Africa. They had an apartment across the hall from ours, on the 3rd floor of Garland G, with their 6 kids and our 4. It was the one apartment supposedly built for larger families, with some 3-bedroom apartments, but it was also the only one built without soundproofing in the stairwells. And it was the only one with a mix of 3-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments. So when our 10 kids came up the stairs, even relatively quietly but joyfully, the childless couples would complain, & we’d all get threats from the powers-that-were. Interesting times. And when I’d occasionally take a class with Bob, I’d put the baby down for a nap first, and Max’s dad would come over to check on her occasionally (his mom, a night nurse at the hospital, would be sleeping). The boys would be in school, and Beth would go to class with me and color–she and I the only females in Wittschiebe’s pastoral counseling class of 60 or so males, and he’d always hold her up as an example of quiet joy as she colored, telling the seminary boys to emulate her. She really loved Wittschiebe. She was 3 at the time.

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