Now this is interesting….

Went for quite a walk today (one of three), and out in the middle of the largest closed section, in what looks to be some of the older campsites, the road makes a swing around a small fenced-in area. Whoa, it’s a burial plot! Keep in mind that we’re in a campground run by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

A closer look at the headstone reveals “Wife of GH McKinney”. Ohhhhh, this is McKinney Campground. She lived only 26 years, died in 1852, and is not named on the stone. Further inscription: “erected by a loving son in 1910”.

This lake….like the two previous lakes where we’ve parked….is way low on water. Still, there’s plenty to support all the boating and fishing a person could want. The website for our campground says this lake is one of the most frequently visited Corps of Engineers lakes in the nation, with more than 7 million visitors each year. Only half of this location’s 150 campsites are open this time of year, but they’re getting a good workout this weekend. It will be interesting to see how many people are around on Monday.

Turns out there’s quite a population of deer around us. Caught this herd just at dusk. We quickly made friends with them…not surprising really, our name is….

5 thoughts on “Now this is interesting….

  1. I am fascinated, too, by that gravesite. if she died at 26, the “loving son” could hardly have known her well enough to have erected this in her memory–or maybe his great loss at a tender age made him idealize her and want to remember her this way later. Interesting, anyway.

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