Sheesh, this business of getting out and actually doing something is hard work!

Yesterday involved pulling up from our campsite, traveling 150 miles including Atlanta during rush hour, buying groceries at three different stores, buying an air compressor/breaking it in/airing up one of our front tires that takes pressure few places can provide, buying fuel, getting the coach washed, and settling into our new campsite at McKinney Campground.

Whew, 10pm before we stopped. We were breathless.

Moved to a different site today, so only now getting settled in. Nice campground and really nice site. It will be fun to walk the camp roads as they undulate across the hills and valleys around this little piece of Allatoona Lake.

We’ll get some photos tomorrow if it doesn’t rain….

4 thoughts on “Breathtaking….

  1. If you’re near Atlanta, I’m sure that with your love of beauty you would enjoy the Atlanta Botanical Gardens there, though I don’t know how you’d manage downtown Atlanta in the Taxi, and you probably don’t have any other means. The aquarium is nice, too, but with the boys unable to see, they probably wouldn’t get much out of it, and it’s not cheap.

    • Thank you for that, Madeline! It’s true, the coach is our freedom and it’s our limitation. Right now we’re on a loop that takes us from one section of countryside to another, and we enjoy each one in depth as we’re parked there for a couple weeks. We might run this loop again next winter and do it a little differently….by catching more of the in-between countryside.

      We’re planning an August-Sept run to the UP, this time coming up from Wisconsin, and doing about half of the penninsula from Munising toward the western edge (so we’ll have to come back and do the final western portion another time!). Would enjoy any ideas you have for great spots to visit. Will spend about 2 weeks in the UP.

  2. Hiya Neighbors, I am smiling because already I am remembering our neighborship lol Thanks for the good times, and remember I will supply the marshmellows, and only the finest quality (the sit on type). lol If we ever meet up again. I am glad that you got settled in a good site, we got home today. The weather is nice here at home, I heard that we had some tornado watches while we were gone, man o man I am glad to have missed that. lol OH ya Robyn…..I had 3 marshmellows for you last night!!! They were good, but not as good as it would have been if you were there yourself to eat them .

    I am thankful that you got to the next camping spot safe..Have fun there and keep us posted as to how you like it there. Have a great time!! Huggerz

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