The long and winding road

that leads to your door….

We walk this campground road every morning and every evening for the boys’ exercise….and always carry our trash….to drop as we wind past the dump station.

Ross always walks faster than Ryan, and always walks with Robyn, so they’re always out in front of the camera crew.

We’ve been in this campground for nearly four weeks, the result of events that brought us here early and kept us longer than planned. Won’t leave for another week.

Pretty strange to be in one spot for so long. Thank goodness it’s so lovely! It’s so big, we have trouble exploring it all because we’re parked at one end. Still, we learn more about the areas we’ve seen many times as we walk past again….the light is different, different animals are noisy, or we’re walking slower in the warm sunshine.

And sometimes sundown is more remarkable than usual…..

1 thought on “The long and winding road

  1. Do you have full hook-ups here? And how far do you have to drive to restock the pantry? Sounds idyllic. Enjoy. Very nostalgic about our journey journals. Becky gave us a bound book and we recorded something from every day, no matter how mundane or how exciting. It is such fun reliving the trips with the re-reads. Love, Trudy J.

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