So many Valentines

I’m a lucky guy, surrounded by my Valentines.

The obvious one has been with me, working hip-and-thigh on this lifetime project, for the past 18 years. Robyn is a rare beauty, because she thrives on the responsibility to meet the needs of these two young men who live with us. While it’s true that the responsibility also nearly overwhelms her on occasion, it’s also true that those occasions often cause her to review her priorities and her approach to our living arrangements….and the result can be something as earth-shaking as selling her house and van, and going on the road fulltime!

Robyn is thriving on the simplicity of our lives….because it allows her almost total focus on Ross and Ryan in surroundings that meet her own needs so nicely. She gets high on the constant view of nature and our ability to walk along quiet roads and trails through the woods and along the lakes.

My other Valentines are the two who have caused this upheaval in our lives, and allowed us to focus our attention almost totally on them.

“The little tyrants!” I hear you say.

Not really. That would give them credit for decision-making, and they just don’t have it.

They know what they like, and they know what they don’t like. And without any inhibitions, they tell it like it is! We work to understand their communication of likes and dislikes, in order to maximize the former.

They’re pretty good at conditioning, meaning we can condition them to respond fairly predictably. And they have unknowingly conditioned us to respond predictably! We have quite a number of routines that help things go quite smoothly…if only we could keep every day going through those routines.

My other Valentine is more distant. Jared adds another dimension to my life by his daily contacts….and stories of his efforts and escapades!

It’s an interesting life I lead, and I love it!

It’s nice to have each one of you along to share it with us.

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