Familiarity breeds . . . comfort

No posting for 4 days? Wow, time flies when we’re having fun!

Actually, you’ve not missed anything new or big. Notice no pictures? We’ve just been “doing life” here, and it’s been the same old thing.

Morning fog, short walk with the boys (past the dumpster with our trash), stuff in and around the coach, lunch, short nap, long afternoon walk, rocking chairs at the coach, supper, short walk (past dumpster again), winding down in the coach, bedtime.

In the midst of all that yesterday, I pulled apart a panel under the coach to scout a water leak, found it, and fixed it.

We have found that our time here has altered our thinking a little more about “the plan”. You’ll recall we started this wintertime loop after Thanksgiving with the intention to swing through Florida. Then we got a hint of hot weather in North Carolina, and asked ourselves why we wanted to experience hot weather on an extended basis, decided we didn’t, and changed the trip to go south only as far as Georgia.

At the same time, we had begun experiencing these federal campgrounds, and found them to be much more inviting than most of the state parks where we’d camped….because they have bigger sites that are spread out more, and they usually are just campgrounds (so you don’t have lots of noise and activity from day-use people & stuff), and they’re a couple bucks per night cheaper (which becomes a lot cheaper for us because the twins get half off due to their handicap).

When we slowed down our travels to spend more time in these places, we found it to work just fine! You know how much we enjoyed our three weeks in Petersburg Campground near Augusta, GA. We’re feeling much the same here in Twin Lakes, near Clemson, SC.

We love being surrounded by woods and lake. We love the tranquility of the place (this week we’ve been the only campers here!). We have enjoyed exploring the whole campground on our walks, and we know which loops to walk when it’s cold, or windy, or hot, or when we want a really long walk…..

Our exploration of this great land is changing…..we’ve learned more about our wants and needs, and learned new ways to get them. We don’t enjoy cities and we don’t need to eat in a different restaurant every evening.

We can’t explore every natural craig and cranny, and so it looks like we’ll spend more time in these federal campgrounds seeing up close the nature they encompass. We’ll move from one to the next and take the scenic route in between. The terrain has varied a surprising amount just from North Carolina to South Carolina, so we will enjoy getting up into Pennsylvania and over into Illinois. We will try to stay for at least 14 days in each one.

There will be variations from this plan all the time: we already have plans in the works to spend a few days with friends at Maumee Bay State Park in early May as part of the spring birding event, and we have routine maintenance shortly after at the Spartan Chassis factory in CharLOTTE, MI. We might not see a federal campground for a month!

2 thoughts on “Familiarity breeds . . . comfort

  1. just sitting here at the office having lunch and wondered how my ol’ buddy is doing. so i decided to check out the site. sounds like life is good and peaceful. campsite is beautiful! best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012. take care. frank.

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