Enjoy it every way we can

Walking is our most frequent way to enjoy where we are, whether it’s a campground or shopping mall.

Here, we have several loops for campsites, and they each have a personality….not to mention quite different lengths to their loops.

On a breezy day, our loop is exhilarating because it is so exposed. Other loops are more shady or open, and one has quite a bit of up and down to challenge our energy.

But when we get back to the coach, there’s the other way to enjoy our site….from a rocking chair. The boys can’t appreciate the view, but they certainly “get” the breeze and all the sounds from the lake that surrounds our coach on three sides!

Had to show you the second shot of the boys because it typifies them so much! Notice that Ross is rocking so much he’s getting air! He is SO keen about a rocking motion.

Ryan is Mr Tactile, and can’t bear to just sit in the chair, even if it does move. He always explores the ground in front of the chair, and usually collects a pebble or twig to hold tightly in his fingers.

This was the first kayak we’ve seen on the lake.

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