Just stuff

An ordinary…but lovely…day for us today.

I took the photo of the Red-bellied Woodpecker through a window of the coach!

Robyn and Ross always walk faster than Ryan and me. This was a stroll through one of the three areas of the campground that are closed during slow winter months. Road got cleaned off somewhat today by trucks that were doing work on this section’s bathhouse.

Of the 35 campsites that are open, only three are occupied! There were about a dozen more weekend interlopers, but only two other serious campers. We decided to be naughty and drive onto our site rather than back in, because it would allow us to sit in our “front porch” (the front seats) and watch out over the lake. What made it naughty was that we had to drive the wrong way on a short loop of campground road in order to get onto our site this way. And then the electric and water supplies were closer from the site next door than ours. But there’s nobody here!

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