Maid of the mist

Our two earlybirds ventured out this morning into the fog before the campground stirred awake.

Robyn said when she breathed the moisture of the mist, its smell reminded her of snowy days in Canada as a child, and of her little red plastic mittens.

Ryan just came inside and laid down.

4 thoughts on “Maid of the mist

  1. Great picture. Where did Robyn grow up in Canada? My first sixteen years of life were spent there, Ontario and Alberta. Just curious. TJ

      • Thanks for the quick reply. My brother was born on Vancouver Island. My parents were Americans who worked for the church in Canada in education and administration for thirty some years before returning to Wyoming and Nebraska. They kept their US citizenship intact by never voting while in Canada! The years in Edmonton, AB, were my “snow” years!

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