This damp place

Fog almost every morning. Shining beads of water glisten from everything. Moss grows even on the pavement!

The headline doesn’t mean we don’t like this place! The humidity seems to make it more comfortable…none of that wintertime static and chapped lips.

We’re enjoying the daily temps: usually in the 60s in daytime, 40-50 at night. We won’t be getting sunburned, but we won’t break a sweat either!

The lake is low….waaaay down, although up a bit from several years ago. Still, boats criss-cross it all day long. Check out the Clemson rowing teams this morning!

2 thoughts on “This damp place

    • Oh thank you for keeping us in mind, Davona! Ahhhh, but we have so many glorious opportunities for change! Now it’s looking more like Feb 20. You can sort of keep tabs on our plans by checking “What’s next?”, above.

      We’ll be in touch!

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