We’re getting spoiled

These federal campgrounds located at bodies of water are pretty stinkin good!

Really just campgrounds with boat launches, they avoid the volume of people who are coming to a park for the day. The sites are generally larger than what you find in state parks, and they’re located farther apart. They almost always provide 50 amp electric and water at each site.

They are also generally left more natural than state parks, without areas of mowed grass and trimmed trees.

And it seems their designers are more creative in arranging sites, so you have a site that nicely fits the needs of your equipment while also really putting you into the natural environment.

But it’s the true beauty of the place that captivates us! Even when overcast, the colors and textures of this camp constantly remind you of the glories of nature compared to what man creates. As we traveled through several towns on our way to this campground, Robyn remarked about how little she missed “civilization”.

We see water out every window of the coach! We might see about turning the coach around on our site, just for the change of view. Will keep you posted!

1 thought on “We’re getting spoiled

  1. Lovely…so glad you appreciate the beauty and refreshing how you dont miss “civilization”….because as you know this really is not that civilized!!

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