Yeah, this is more like it!

We stayed only one night at Watsadler Campground.

Arrived in the dark, in the rain, to a site that had a complicated driveway shared by two other sites. Oh baby, we sweat bullets getting onto our site (and we both got soaked….me, from scouting the site, and Robyn, from illuminating the hazards as I drove in).

Awoke this morning to a glorious vista! Our site was out on the end of a little peninsula, with a clear view of the length of the lake.

And it was still raining.

And when we looked back at our driveway, and the route the coach would traverse every day or two on the way to dump our tanks, we realized it was a miracle we had pulled in last night without damage!

Everything was too small for our coach….our site, its driveway, the camp roadway, even the dump site.

We left.

Asked the camp attendant to cancel the remainder of our 14-day stay, and headed 25 miles up the lake to our next campground. Rained all the way.

I mention rain, because since we left Dayton the day after Thanksgiving, I don’t think we’ve had more than 3 days of rain! I know, we’re lucky.

We already knew the site we had reserved starting in two weeks was available now….we just didn’t know if we’d like it enough to stay for a month!

Check out the picture of Robyn and her binoculars….that’s a view that doesn’t do justice to our site. Like it? We LOVE it!

We’re on the end of a small peninsula, and have a view of sunset and of sunrise from the coach!


9 thoughts on “Yeah, this is more like it!

  1. We have a tornado watch over us, the rain is done. What a life we lead!
    O yes Rich and I have finally caught a catfish

  2. Doug; you need to publish your trip log for other campers, hi and low. The campground guides are generally inadequate and when it comes to federal campgrounds just bare bones. South Florida is a mob scene this year. Look forward to getting away.TC

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