We’re movin on

Wow, we’ve been in this one campground for over three weeks!

That’s not usually possible, because they limit campers to 14 days straight in these federal parks. But this is the slow season, even in warmer Georgia, and only part of the campground is open because use is so small. So the nice attendant lady hasn’t worried a bit about our overstaying the limit.

The nice attendant lady has actually been one reason why we stayed….Margaret has been here for over 12 years and clearly knows her stuff, but much more than that, she is such a sensible sweetie! We’ve really enjoyed our dealings with her and getting to know her! It won’t be the same without her next week.

Watch the “Here we are!” tab tomorrow. It should show us moving from here before noon and heading mostly north to the town of Hartwell, GA. We’ll do shopping for two weeks of groceries, then move nearly due east a few miles to the foot of Lake Hartwell to Watsadler Campground, another federal park.

Hope to post pictures shortly from there, and hope they show a place nearly as nice as this one!

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