A break in routine

We’ve mentioned Laura and Rich, the couple who camped with us in South Carolina at Christmas and shared their freshly baked cookies, and who came to this Georgia campground a few days before us. We were unaware of each other’s plans.

They have become delightful friends and have brought more delicious cookies, several loads of firewood, and have eaten our fire-toasted English muffins with honey. Their smiles and stories have added much to our time here.

Today, they invited us along on their foray around the lake on a quest to sight eagles. They have a large pickup with a rear bench seat, so we all piled in and went looking.

Sure had fun!

First day here with any clouds….it eventually rained. But not before we scouted several remote sections of the lake, and spent time at the dam that formed this large lake (over 1000 miles of shoreline!).

The cormorants were resting and playing at the base of the dam; the hawk was flying high overhead. No eagles today.

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