Just groovin

Wow, what else to say about a day like today in a place like this?

We walked to a closed part of the campground and laid on a picnic table (Robyn), scouted photos (you-know-who), rested his jaw on his knee while searching for special treasures at his feet (Ryan), and one of us was just disgusted at all this lolling around and tried to head back to the bus but couldn’t quite find his way so waited beside the road (Ross).

Later, several very kind neighbors who are now dear friends brought over stacks of firewood for our enjoyment!

3 thoughts on “Just groovin

    • Oh wow, it will be great! At this point, we’re talking Feb 13, but I think that will be pushed back a couple weeks. Check the “What’s next?” tab periodically, because we’ll update that as time goes along.

      We’re having such a good time in this park we may stay longer, and we’ve found another park near here that we’ll probably visit.

      We’ll give you a shout when our timing is more clear!

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