C-c-can you say c-c-cold?

Wow, we hit 22 degrees last night! So much for the sunny south!

Actually, we were warmer here than a couple spots in Florida. From the reports, we should’ve been in Montana where they’re having record heat!

Nope, this place is great. Despite the ice, we’ve been sunny every day and warmed up to over 50 today. Up into the 60s before the week’s done.

We love it, partly because it’s so pretty and partly because our site is so private. Check out the tall trees. The gravel drive is about 150 feet in from the paved camp drive, cuts across the front of our site and two others, then goes back 150 feet to the drive.

The photo of the empty site shows two things: the separate “patio” on a lower level to the left, with the picnic table, and the paved drive that is just for access to this site…it comes down from the camp drive like ours but is paved due to its slope. Can you imagine its privacy when all the trees are full of leaves?

Of course, almost any place is especially nice this time of year because it’s blissfully quiet! We walked all over today and saw only three other campers.

We’re getting spoiled….

2 thoughts on “C-c-can you say c-c-cold?

  1. Doug; where are you? Missed the geography note. It was cold down here in Port Charlotte yesterday and today 30’s each morning but warming to high 70’s this weekend and will stay warm for the next couple weeks. This happens a couple days each year when our northern brethren forget to close the door when they leave! Blessings.TC

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