Thanks to Moncks Corner

Sorry we haven’t written….been busy catching up with my cousin and having fun!

Deanna and Ron, my cousin and her husband, arranged for us to park at their church. The unusual benefit was that the church has a 50 amp plug out back….so no generator morning and evening! It was a lovely place, and a perfect setting for our needs. We appreciated the hospitality!

We traded family history photos, and Deanna had the oldest one….taken 58 years ago on the occasion of my first birthday!

When we left town to head toward our next big stop, we went just 20 miles down the road so we could have a little more fun before completely leaving the area. We parked out behind a large cinema, and all went to see a matinee showing of the new Mission Impossible movie, and then had an early dinner in a restaurant next door.

Well, not all of us….Robyn stayed in the coach with the twins.

When the rest of us were finished, she went to a late showing of War Horse while I stayed with the boys. Deanna and Ron left, and we stayed parked there for the night.

That was last night. Today we took off, intending to take two days to get to our next big stop, a federal campground above Augusta, GA. For a change, we ran interstate almost all the way, and found the 175 miles flashed past so easily….here we are, all encamped! Not even sure what the place looks like, because we finished setting up in the dark.

Let you know tomorrow.

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