Movin on

We tore ourselves away from the coast, but not until Robyn caught the pelican deep in thought….

Rest assured, we didn’t go far.

Found a Trader Joe’s in Charleston, so stocked up on certain necessities to the tune of $250. Maybe more surprising was to find that the clerk who helped Robyn get everything out to the coach grew up in Akron, but started her work at the Kettering TJ store!

Finished the grocery shopping at a very tony Walmart store, if that isn’t too much of a contradiction in terms. Well, the store was the same as all the rest, but the parking lot….all cut up into little parking sections, with lots of well-kept shrubbery, and brick walkways dividing everything. Even the cart corrals were made with fancy-shmancy block walls. I was looking for a valet to park the Taxi.

Then drove across the edge of Charleston harbor on this wild-looking bridge.

We drove up to Moncks Corner to be nearer my cousin for a couple days. We can’t make it down Deanna’s lengthy driveway due to the glorious overgrowth of trees, so she arranged for us to park behind the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We’re all plugged in, and have the parking lot and grounds to ourselves, just a couple miles from Deanna’s home.

2 thoughts on “Movin on

  1. We don’t have any fancy Walmarts, but we do have the Marketplace, the biggest
    store Kroger has ever built. It is amazing. I have tried to sen a message before
    but somehow I never hit the right button. Mel and I had a quiet Christmas, just
    the two of us. Rain now and snow later. Happy New Year. Nancy

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