Sunrise, and the greybeards

As infrequently as I actually see them, I’m very much in favor of sunrises….we’re still alive!

Robyn observed this morning’s show.

Then she was there with camera in hand when the greybeard took the young ones walking through the tall trees with their Spanish moss.

And I couldn’t resist a more detailed shot of the moss….it’s just amazing to me!

I sure hope we wake up tomorrow morning, of all mornings in the year! And I sure hope we remember the reason for the season….the birth of our Lord, Jesus. His birth wasn’t celebrated by the biggest sales of the year or magnificent gatherings of pious people….it was celebrated by individuals who knew the meaning of His birth, recognized Him as their Redeemer, and worshipped Him as the King of Kings!

From our home to yours….

6 thoughts on “Sunrise, and the greybeards

  1. Blessings to you and the family on this special day. I cooked a major feast last night for the family, roast prime rib and yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings and of course au jus! We have much to be thankful for as our daughter April continues to recover from her stroke. As I am sure you are aware by now Christmas in the south, without the snow, loses a little of its luster but the walks on the beach tend to make up for it. Hope your journeys over the next year bring much happiness. T. Crowl

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