The tide

Living for so long near the headquarters of Proctor and Gamble, the word “tide” brings little emotional response from me.

But post me alongside the ocean, and it quickly becomes fascinating.

Did you know there are typically two high tides each day and two low tides? I didn’t. And that the two high tides are not typically up to the same height, and the two lows are not down to the same depth? I didn’t. Here, they vary about a foot.

The photo was taken at just about the end of the ebb tide, but it was the noon low tide which wasn’t the lower of the two today. We’ll try to shoot the same scene tomorrow at high tide.

Lovely day today. It started to get hot, but then clouds came along and cooled it down nicely. Nice breeze all the time. Salt air!

My dear cousin, Deanna, came over with her husband for several hours this evening. They live about 30 miles away. We had a wonderful time, and will try to get together again.

I leave you with Robyn’s photo with her phone of this morning’s sunrise:

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