We touch The Big Water again

We stood on the sandy shore of the Atlantic Ocean again today. Constant pounding waves. They’ve probably come from Morocco or Spain; we seem to be nearly opposite the Straits of Gibralter.

With the tide out, Ross and Ryan walked on sand that felt like pavement. They were attracted to the sound of the waves, and required intervention immediately after this photo was taken in order to avoid the water that was rushing toward them!

This might have been the first rainy day we’ve experienced since leaving Dayton the day after Thanksgiving! We know, this morning might have been the first sun Dayton has seen in that time.

We went to Huntington Beach State Park, which is located at the end of a short causeway that serves to separate salt water tidelands from a small fresh water lake. Without the rain, we would’ve had some fun bird photos for you. And of the glorious Spanish moss growing on every tree in the park!

We skipped Brookgreen Gardens today because of the rain. The state park is on land donated to the state by the same people who provided the sculptures and impetus for the Gardens, and the crumbled ruins of their former home exist in the park.

Arrived at Buck Hall Recreation Area campground moments before sundown and finished parking in the dark, so have only the barest impression of our surroundings for the next five days. Will tell you and show you more tomorrow.

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