We moved on….

The Taxi does have wheels at its four corners, not anchors, so we moved on down the road today. With regret….it was a sunny & breezy 72 around noon….

We had originally planned this tour so that we’d use the road closest to the coast, and we’d cover maybe 30-50 miles per day. We’d stop at all the parks, piers, and landmarks. We’d photograph the coast at every opportunity.

HA, plans….who needs them?

First of all, we’ve known for months the Taxi is just not suitable for “nosing around”, because it’s too easy to get boxed in down some small street, not to mention the low wires and branches.

Second, we quickly found this coastline is simply not available to sightseers. Yes, a discreet beach here and there. But even that one we found the first day we were in Cedar Point was sheer luck, in that we could only access the parking lot when it was totally empty…the twists and turns to get into and out of it were challenging even then!

Third, the coastline is sometimes miles from the closest road along the coast, because of the many tidelands or deltas or barrier islands.

Fourth, while we have curiosity about these things, it’s not enough to devote our lives to the quest!

Then there was the matter of the many historic and colorful towns along the way: Wilmington, NC, Myrtle Beach & Hilton Head & Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA ahead of us. The more we considered what it would take to see these places in the Taxi, and how it would occupy our time, the less inclined we were to see them! It still seems odd to say that. So many people devote their one and only annual vacation to one of these places, and travel a thousand miles to get here.

But this is us. Further, Ross and Ryan become huge factors to arrange any touring more than a short distance from the coach. We considered renting a car for a couple days, but stopped that plan as we considered all the moving and hauling and fetching and pushing.

And as we considered what we really like to do. We like driving through varying countryside, and we like stopping to look at key geographic features, and we like being in fabulous natural beauty.

So it changed our immediate plans: we were going to spend three days getting down to our next campground near Charleston, SC, but we decided to keep driving a bit longer each day and make it in two. Turns out we made it even further this first day (165 miles), which will give us some real time to spend tomorrow at an interesting-sounding sculpture garden and wildlife preserve, Brookgreen Gardens.

Then we’ll arrive a day earlier at Buck Hall (federal) Recreation Area campground, near the little town of Awendaw, SC. It’s much smaller than any other federal campground we’ve visited, but it’s right on the water’s edge along the intracoastal waterway. It stays busy, and we only have reservations for four nights, so we’re not sure how long we’ll actually be able to stay. It has four non-reservable sites, but they could already be occupied by people who want to stay awhile.

So we might stay a bit, or we might move on the day after Christmas.

We should have some fun photos for you tomorrow, from Brookgreen and maybe from Buck Hall.

4 thoughts on “We moved on….

  1. Doug; was afraid you would run into this problem. We got Joyce’s CRV rigged for 4 down towing. Takes about 5 minutes to hook up and away we go. We did this so we can take our pups with us. Our grand plan, we would like to start in a few months would parallel yours going up both coasts and staying near as we can. Many RV dealers sell used towed vehicles (already rigged for hitches) they are called toads in the business. Travel locally by car gave us more flexibility on our 40 footer and fewer episodes of being trapped on a cul de sac. Many campgrounds now have pull throughs to make the towed vehicle enterprise even easier. Blessings to all and happy holidays! The Crowl’s – luxuriating in 82 degrees in Port Charlotte,Fl.!

    • Tom, the part about “all the moving and hauling and fetching and pushing…” described what it takes for us to use a car! It’s “moving day” every time we go to load the boys into a car for even a short run somewhere, because of the bags and bags of stuff we have to haul along. And then it only gets us closer, it still doesn’t enable us to walk long trails or hike for blocks along city streets. To do that we’d take along their push chairs, unload those, put the boys and a couple bags in the push chairs, and then P-U-S-H everything all that distance!

      Uh, no thanks.

      As for luxuriating in 82 degrees….ho ho, I’m happy for you. We were getting uncomfortably warm at 74, and pondered why we would subject ourselves to even warmer temps, when this bus-that-has-everything could be steered toward more temperate climes.

      We like cool nites and cool days. There’s a limit to how much you can take off to get comfortable, but a light jacket to stay comfortable is a piece of cake!

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