Out and about

On one of today’s walks (there were five) we visited the lagoon where we’ve captured those fabulous sunsets.

Check out the pelican overhead!

We’ve needed heavy coats for our morning walks….it got down to 28 degrees last night….but just light jackets later in the day. One day last week it reached into the 70s, and we found ourselves working up a sweat on the afternoon hike! Got us to thinking about the weather farther south on this great loop we’ve planned….

It’s been sooooo nice to stay here! Just a handful of other campers in a place with over 40 sites….they help keep the place from feeling abandoned and creepy! It’s actually been quite the opposite, just slightly active every day with someone out and someone in, but a glorious sun doing its low winter arc to the south! The tall trees really let in the sun while adding their long, slender shadows.

We’ve been able to keep our lights dim inside and the shades up….so we can catch every last fading ray of sunset, and catch the first rays of sunrise.

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