Why we love this place

You’ll recall we started this odyssey in order to move a little each day. See the world around us, a little at a time.

So why choose to stay here more than a week?

A bunch of reasons: nice, clean, open, level campground, and we have it nearly all to ourselves. Ryan seems to have found some kind of holly and there’s a dogwood in the background still showing its fall colors. The temperatures are good: cool in the evening, warm enough in the day (but not too warm). This evening we have Christmas carols on the stereo and our fireplace going.

Those trails we’ve talked about: we walked them alot today (so much, we had to sit and rest for a while) and still haven’t crossed all the bridges across the tidelands! Ross and Ryan really like the bridges, because they have alternating wood and metal panels underfoot.

And we’re situated on a bay so that we have sunsets across the water as though we were on the left coast of this great country instead of the right! Robyn shot this one:

5 thoughts on “Why we love this place

  1. What’s not to love! Wish we were twenty years younger and still doing the motorhome thing. Had some serious reservations long ago about your plans but you surely are dispelling them most delightfully! Enjoy your no schedules and your gorgeous campsite! And again, thanks for sharing in narrative and photography.

    • You are too kind, Trudy! We really are making the most of this circumstance, which requires some changes in our thinking & planning!

      It’s great to have you along to share it with us.

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