Just relaxin

Everybody slept in this morning….another miracle!

Then we all responded to the call of the sun and rising temperatures…even the sweet little squirrel just outside our door (check out the tiny branch he’s sitting on).

We’re camped beside a small river where it empties into a bay that is formed back from the intracoastal waterway. Sheesh, we’re quite a ways from the ocean! But the tidelands a short walk from our campsite provide the opportunity to encounter the saltwater ecosystem. The park has done a very nice job of making the area accessible while still protecting it from traffic. Notice in the photo of Robyn and the boys how the walkway even has a rise in the center to accomodate small boats or kayaks that might navigate these backwaters.

We’ve decided to stay here a further week. That’s the fun of our system….we can change the plan at any time to accomodate a new interest!

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