Ohhhh, that’s nice!

How fun to awake to the sound of little waves on the shoreline, and the view of Jordan Lake out the front window! VERY brisk wind, but the sun brought temps into the 50s pretty quick.

Robyn found more Bald Eagles this morning; two were either challenging each other for territory or were mates having fun…you know how fighting and loving often look the same….I mean with eagles….

Shonagh and family came! Some of you may know her husband from Centerville High School where they met: Terry Moore. Their son, Nathan, came along for our entertainment!

She says her work with Ross and Ryan 17 years ago while she was in high school spurred her interest in college to pursue an educational program to research causes of birth defects. She has her PhD in psychology, and is a research fellow in the Center for Alcohol Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. We all had a good time reconnecting, even for just a short time!

Eventually today we had to move on. Made it 10 miles up the road. Had to stop for the night so we can do some grocery shopping in the morning. Check out the view…

5 thoughts on “Ohhhh, that’s nice!

  1. So happy to hear you were finally able to connect with Shonagh, Terry & Nathan! Shonagh said she was as excited as a little kid on Christmas Eve! Your family made such a huge impact on Shonagh’s life. What an adventure you four are on – Ryan & Ross look wonderful & happy (as do you and Robyn). Safe travels – have fun. When you are back in “warm & cheerful” we need to connect!

    Merry Christmas!
    Linda Hawley

  2. It was great to see you all and I look forward to hearing about all of your travels. Let me know when you are back in the Raleigh NC area!!

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