Ahhh, back in nature

Gremlins have a lot of room to roam in The Big Taxi. One of them cost us a lot of time, and more than a few bucks, chasing the reason why the generator quit after it had been thoroughly fixed.

No reason for the failure. Worked fine after pulling apart the connections at the main transfer switch and various electric panels.

Great, pay the bill and let’s go!

We cruised some lovely back roads toward Raleigh. North Carolina roads are so nice and smooth….they don’t suffer from winter-time impairment, and the near-constant changes in elevation make for pastoral scenery and pleasant sensations!

We ended up in a state campground out in the middle of Jordan Lake on a peninsula. Our campsite faces the lake. Robyn was out with her binoculars scouting eagles before I had the coach planted and spread out. This area hosts more Bald Eagles than any other area of North Carolina; Robyn will verify that before we leave tomorrow.

Shonagh will meet us here tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I leave you with the view of the moonrise from our door.

1 thought on “Ahhh, back in nature

  1. Lovely glad u r back on the road. More fun than this nasty pneumonia I have but im on the road to recovery. So we r both on the road

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