Aw shucks

We’ve had to postpone the gratification of seeing Shonagh.

Took forever today for the shop to get the generator fixed and ready to go, which jeopardized our rescheduled dinner with our long-ago caregiver for Ross and Ryan….

And then the final test of the unit as we’re about to back out of the shop……pffffft. It abruptly died, giving a new code for its failure!


The technician was already 2 hours late, so we’re parked here another night, behind 7000 volts of electric fence.

Watch our “Here we are!” map tomorrow and see if we move from beside I-40/85 in Greensboro, NC. If we’re over toward or near Raleigh…..yessssss!

2 thoughts on “Aw shucks

  1. I would not feel comfortable behind that fence–safe from anything outside, maybe, but not from anything that might happen inside, though that’s unlikely. Anyway, stay safe. And I empathize with your wait, though mine was nothing in comparisiion. I took our Toyota to Mishawaka to a 2:40 service appointment today. They found it was time for much more, plus it needed new tires, new battery, and a bunch of other stuff. We were to be at the seminary for a 6:00 faculty/staff Christmas party, bringing a dessert. The manager & I agreed on doing the work for safety but leaving the rest for the next time, as we’re driving to Atlanta next Tues. for a few days with a Korean church there. I had Toyota’s shuttle driver take me out to buy a big cheesecake and to do another quick errand. I left the agency at 5:15, phoning Bob to meet me at the seminary, & I was only 10 minutes late. And the car is purring along beautifully & should ride well through snow & whatever.

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