Your tax dollars at work

We’re parked in Uwharrie National Forest campground. The feds certainly made a “federal case” out of this place.

Despite the final mile of access road being gravel, all drives and campsite pads are paved. Even the walking trails through the woods are paved! In case you think that’s wasteful, consider that it makes every site and all trails completely accessible for the handicapped.

The campsites vary quite a bit in size, but even the smallest is good for a 30 foot unit, and the largest handles more than 70 feet! Most have the big 50amp electric service; none have water or sewer, but there are numerous freeze-proof faucets scattered throughout, and the dump station is close by. Electric sites are $15 per night, just about half the charge of state parks who don’t usually have sites as large or paved.

There aren’t trash cans, but there are dumpsters. Their enclosures are treated wood, but the structure to support the wood is serious metal posts. There’s even a metal “bumper” for the dumpster, so the truck that empties it can’t push it into the structure and damage it.

Lovely bath house structure, with automatic lights that are nicely illuminating but not bright. Very well-built with a metal roof, all of which will withstand the elements and remain looking nice without meaningful maintenance.

The whole place kind of runs itself! There is never staff on site, although there is a “campground host”, which means a camper who volunteers upwards of 20 hours per week to answer questions, etc, who is given a very special campsite with water, sewer, electric, and phone/internet gratis.

There are no swingsets or horsehoe pits or golf courses, but the camping is really great! We have an Access Pass due to the twins’ handicaps, and we pay half the usual fee.

And we thank you for all that.

PS: several of you know some special people we’re meeting this week….Randy Rasch, a dear friend from high school, is meeting us for lunch tomorrow in Greensboro, NC. Wednesday evening dinner near Raleigh, NC will be shared with Shonagh O’Leary-Moore, who helped us with the twins so faithfully and delightfully over 17 years ago!

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