A good time was had by all

We took a brief tour this afternoon to Morrow Mountain State Park, located about 12 miles from Sharon’s home and nearly dead center in the state of North Carolina. All the pictures were taken there except the cotton bundles.

The young deer was wild, but apparently realized the safety of its surroundings in the park, because it was nearly unafraid of me.

Cotton growing and processing has certainly become totally mechanized! Each bundle (I think they call them modules) is a single load for a semi.

3 thoughts on “A good time was had by all

  1. Doug; really nice photos. Hope your warm weather continues. Please send me your current e-mail address so I can send some recent verses. HAd to change my e-mail address which deleted my party list. Blessings.TC. tcrwl77@hotmail.com

  2. In our recent CA travels we saw cotton growing, too, and also these bundles, and I wondered just what they were. Thanks for the explanation. You have some beautiful pictures here.

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