Not great

No one ever promised that every day would be a bell-ringer. That’s good, because today in Charleston, WV started like this:

The rain started about the time we got moving, and never let up. Pouring as I write.

Passed some interesting terrain that I’d loved to have photographed, but it would have been a death-defying act beside the busy road in the pouring rain!

Very challenging roads. West Virginia hills that require constant attention to the throttle and brake. But the ROADS! Worst interstate I’ve ever driven. Even the fresh repairs were dreadfully bumpy!

But, but, but….remember how I’ve talked about bad leading to good, or turning into good?

First, just look at those clouds…aren’t they actually glorious? Remarkable sky like that all day long. Always a patch or two of blue out there.

Second, we plunged past some very challenging geography in good time, and other than the jarring ride it was a lovely experience. Needed fuel and found it for 20 cents a gallon less than we’ve been paying, and the same station had a dump station for our holding tanks and fresh water to fill. Huge lot, and we’re staying in it for the night. So terribly efficient, we are!

Oh, and the temp has been 65 degrees or warmer all day. That’s why we headed this direction.

Hang in there, it’ll get better!

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