Ahh, on the road again!

Wow, it’s no fun just sitting around in the Big Taxi.

Oh, we had fun seeing Jared, my brother, and some of you. But that didn’t take two weeks, it just had to be spread over two weeks, and all that filler time was like standing on the shore waiting for the boat to arrive……

We drove sort of south out of Dayton yesterday, ending up at Rocky Fork State Park outside Hillsboro. Been there several times before, knew there were Bald Eagles, and new there was 50 amp service so we could do laundry. Check out our Christmas lights….

Robyn was already watching the eagles. By late yesterday she had figured out where a pair of eagles had a nest, and this morning she watched them bringing new twigs and branches to add to it. She even observed something new for her: one eagle flew at a small branch and grabbed it with talons while still flying, as though to break it off….but it didn’t break, and the eagle did a flop-over barrel loop when it failed to break the branch! She observed one of them land on a branch and bite off another branch with that powerful beak, then grab the branch with one foot as it took off for the nest. They don’t just grab fallen branches from the ground….

Robyn shot the sunrise picture with her phone this morning.

We traveled today on State Route 32, which is labeled the Appalachian Highway. Lovely road running east-west across the southern portion of the state. Notice how they’ve logged the one hill and left it scarred with roads and scraggly trees, but the neighboring hills remain all bushy with trees.

Really lovely day, sunny and warm, up and down landscape, little traffic, new territory so close to where we lived for so long! Ended up in Jackson, OH; parked in Walmart.

Tomorrow, more familiar and more grubby traveling down US 35 to Charleston, WV where we catch interstate roads.

2 thoughts on “Ahh, on the road again!

  1. The first time and only time my rig overheated was in West Virginia on that same route. Major hills. I learned to downshift ahead of the slow down to keep revs up Also got engine maker to install new chip on engine computer (it was defective) no problem since. Smokies should be pretty, hope you can avoid snow. Blessings.TC

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