Old Home Week

How fun! We were visited today by three of our dearest former caregivers for Ross and Ryan!

Even better, each one brought her own children!

You can see some of the joy the boys had as they reconnected with these long-time friends and caregivers from long ago. Again, Mr Soberface (Ross) was the most expressive. Each family was on its way to the Christmas in Historic Springboro Festival; we were parked up the road.

Each of these young ladies began working with us while she was in college and unmarried. We’ve been in touch over the years, and it has been a joy to see their progress with life’s goals. All are married; Lindsey is a teacher, Maria is a nurse, and Mandy is a special education teacher. Maria’s youngest child is a daughter born just seven weeks ago….on Ross and Ryan’s birthday!

We are in touch with other former caregivers, and each time we have contact with any of these special people we are reminded of the village it has taken to raise these boys!

As you share this adventure with us, you contribute as well: your comments help us touch base, your advice about routes and destinations help us enjoy the path, and the knowledge that you watch and enjoy traveling vicariously gives us energy!

We’re hanging around Dayton this next week in order to do Thanksgiving with Jared and my brother’s family. Friday will see us hit the road for our first REAL adventure, where we head off for three months into territory we’ve not touched with the Big Taxi. The novelty of the territory will also bring uncertainty about the solutions to our daily dilemmas of where to sleep, where to get water, and where to dump our tanks!

Sure hope you’re with us for THAT adventure!

4 thoughts on “Old Home Week

  1. At least your beds and your kitchen will be with you! We are heading to TN for Thanksgiving and then to Hilton Head and Florida. Have a great trip, be safe, stay warm, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. We have great memories of our twenty-five years of motorhome travel.

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