Take the slow road…..

We stayed the last two nights in a park only 100 miles from Dayton, and are due in town tomorrow.

But why rush back…….

So we’re spending tonight in Winton Woods campground, a Hamilton County park located inside the Cincinnati interstate circle. It’s VERY nice & clean, with full hook-ups, and is nicely “decorated” with tall evergreen trees. Can’t hear the city.

We’ve known and loved the park for years and years, having run down here for the day to bike its trails on many, many occasions. We used to have a trailer that hooked onto my bike, and the twins would ride in it when they were little. We did many miles here.

Neat to be spending the night here. Robyn just HAD to walk some of the trails, one of which crosses the lake on a bridge that is distant from our site but within range of the camera. She’s ready, wouldn’t you say?

Ready, it turns out, for Ross and Ryan’s baths…..long, hot, soaking, tub baths for these guys!

2 thoughts on “Take the slow road…..

  1. Hey Guys… That Looks like uh Robyn Red Breast in the Picture.. Hope all is well. and the Boys are Doin good.. I’m still seeing the Dayton Eagles almost every day on my travels up and down RT#4.
    Well Happy Motering, and stay safe..
    Love Roger N Marcia

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