Look out, here we come!

We may be abusing your kind attention to our adventure by failing to keep up to date with postings…..sorry.

We reluctantly moved on from Paynetown rec area, because we have routine medical appointments in Dayton. Spent a quick night by ourselves in Hardy Lake State Park; so weird to see all the campsites, all the facilities, lovely sunshine….and no one in the camp (not even staff).

Went south across the river into Kentucky for the weekend. Had to snake through Madison, IN to get to the bridge to cross. Only bridge for many miles. Busy Friday afternoon traffic, zig zagging through town and finally a last, narrow turn to face the bridge approach 100 feet away, narrow lead-up to narrow bridge, fairly sharp incline because bridge has to rise above big boats on river, and just as we drive past leading edge of bridgework….a small sign flashes past: “truck load limit 15 tons”.

Oh, you mean 7 tons less than we weigh?

Oh baby, what a crossing!

Still wiping the sweat from my brow….

So here we are 40 miles from the deserted Indiana park, and the campground loop we’re parked on with full hookups is filled!

Heading to Cincinnati today, Dayton tomorrow. Probably in town most of the week. Heading to Kokomo to do Thanksgiving next week with Robyn’s family (Jared’s driving over).

Our big news: we don’t have to report back to Dayton for three months! We’re going south!

If you live somewhat near the following route, we’d love to hear from you so we could arrange to stop by. Dates are approximate, especially farther along on the route!

Dec 2: Albemarle, NC
Dec 10: Jackson, NC
Dec 15: Charleston, SC
Dec 18: Savannah, GA
Dec 21: St Augustine, FL
Dec 25: Orlando, FL
Jan 3: Tampa/Sarasota, FL
Jan 17: Pensacola, FL
Jan 19: Birmingham, AL
Jan 25: Chattanooga, TN
Feb 3: Knoxville, TN
Feb 9: Lexington, KY
Feb 16: Dayton

Gotta get going! Hope to see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Look out, here we come!

  1. Doug; will be in town 5022 Churchill on 1/3 if you want to stop by. Have 50 amp and water, exit 191 off 75 then down river rd to englewood, left on Winchester, left on 776 (McCall) to David (across from Golf course) to left on Churchill. Call us if you are close and can fine tune. Temp today 82 and 64, sunny and mild. If you will stop elsewhere we could rendezvous. Penny Disney lives in Sarasota, John Dorsten in Clearwater and Roberta Mackey in Panama City. Blessings.TC

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