Wild, and wilder

What a tonic….this place is huge, lovely, and deserted!

We’ve had such a good time just doing things….and doing them slowly….that I’ve neglected the photos. Particularly unforgiveable given the beauty of the park. You might want to sign up as a “subscriber” to get email notification of new posts, so you don’t waste time checking….

Robyn’s been following a nesting pair of Bald Eagles and their two young. My camera simply cannot catch them sitting or keep up with them flying….too distant. Managed to snag one shot of an immature.

Paynetown State Recreation Area, listed as Monroe Reservoir on the Indiana campsite reservation system, has 323 campsites but only 4 of them are occupied this week. Solitude is the word. Our section has deep, crunchy oak leaves to walk and play in. The campground meanders around the edges of the lake, and provides multiple vistas from numerous coves to catch sunrise and sunset.

And our golden luck has provided such wonderful temperatures this week!

You understand, we only initially planned to stay here one night. We’re now scheduled to leave tomorrow, which will make it four nights. We’ll see….

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