This place is more and more and more!

Sheesh, 70 degrees in the second week of November? In Indiana?

We spent the day outside for sure! Truth be told, it took forever to warm up to the high, and the breeze all day kept the vests on Ross and Ryan.

Despite the vast area of nature to explore with the boys, we really can’t do much trail walking with them because the uneven, unpredictable surface is just too challenging for them….Ross hates it and goes nuts, and Ryan wants to get down and touch everything!

Walking along the roads through the mounds of dry leaves has been the extent of our off-roading.

But the playground equipment got a workout today! Ryan loves all the ladders and steps. What looks to be craziness with his feet is actually careful exploration of what’s available. He is never risky or reckless….he always has his balance, and knows the next foot- or hand-hold before committing to it. In the photos, while it might look like he’s climbing up, he might just as likely be climbing down. He goes up and down a set of rungs maybe six times before tiring and moving on.

Ross, on the other hand, wants to swing, swing, swing. He even pumps his legs a bit. He’s such a sober-side that it’s usually hard to tell if he’s enjoying the swing, but just you try to get him to stop! His feet may tell us something about his mood….

Robyn had more success spotting Bald Eagles; she observed some classic courtship behavior and some classic territorial dispute behavior, and there was much soaring….at one point there were five eagles in her viewfinder! Sorry, too distant to shoot photos….sure wish we could share this highlight with you!

We just can’t tear ourselves away from this place! Keep trying to think why we should be moving down the road….and keep coming up with nothin.

We’re staying another day.

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