Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore….

And we’re no longer in the city….

Columbus was a fascinating town, and our time there was a pleasure.

But Robyn and I needed to get back into nature, so we headed west into Brown County.

We actually transitioned by way of Nashville, which has a real country atmosphere even more so than its better known namesake in Tennessee.

Ha, the place is too small for the Taxi! We turned up its main street, drove slowly through town, but never found a place where we could turn or even pull off. Drove up the hill out of town before we found a turn-around. Drove slowly back through town and kept going out the other side toward Brown County State Park.

Pulled in to the famed Brown County park. Double HA. No parking lots big enough for us to stop! One hairpin turn was tighter than anything we’ve experienced, and two hills were steep enough to take your breath away. We drove out.

Actually, we were a little anxious, because we needed a source of fresh water and a dump station. Not today, but tomorrow would be nice or Monday would be mandatory. With a few calls, we found that numerous campgrounds in southwestern Indiana were either closed or had turned off their water for the season. Oops.

But wait, one park still has the water on because the weather has been so nice. But wait, it’s not turned on around the park or in the public restrooms, so they’ve cut the campsite price to $10 per night with 50amp electric! Water is only at the dump station….perfect!

So here we sit, plugged in for all of life’s electrical needs, facing Monroe Lake, fallen leaves a foot deep on the roadway that rustle so loud.

Robyn’s down at the water’s edge with her big binoculars, scouting for eagles. Thinks she saw one in the distance.

Ahhhhh….we’ll stay tomorrow, too.

3 thoughts on “Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore….

  1. Doug and friends; Have made many trips to Brown county in the fall and the art colony in Nashville nearby. Sorghum mills and great architecture are just some of the side treats to this beautiful area. Know the special skill required to find a fall site, glad you got one. If sunshine turns to ice you are always welcome to spend a few days in our side lot – 50 amp and water a few miles south of Sarasota. Fla camp hosts who contribute 30 hrs a week to the state parks (per couple) can camp free. Blessings.TC

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