It’s more than just going through the motions….

Today’s mission was to spy out some of the more interesting architecture in Columbus, IN, and cover some more public art.

We went from one end of the town to the other. The middle school was near the two churches, in the midst of a cluster of four schools (it certainly stood out! Notice the red-orange color….the Cummins color).

The church with the extreme spire was situated quite modestly, with a tar-and-stone driveway and parking lot, but the details added up: the one-lane driveway wound through trees and past small parking lots surrounded by hedges about car-top high, several large groupings of trees were planted around the building using a different shape, size, or color of tree for each grouping….and they were planted in rows. The spire can be seen for miles, because the city is quite flat.

The school administration building was the one newer school building we saw that did not follow modernist design. Water from the fountain out front (to the right) flowed across the front toward the camera and down alongside the building where a patio area was dug out to the left so a portion of the basement level had windows and a doorway to the outside.

The black granite globe of the world rolls on a film of water that pushes out from beneath it. Catch the photographer’s relection in it!

You would expect Cummins to post one of its very large engines outside the front door of world headquarters, wouldn’t you? The next two photos show portions of its very modernist main building that somewhat encircles an older brick building that anchors the sun porch-like employee cafeteria. I found it striking that they have encouraged large, leafy ivy-vines to grow on the canopy out front and the walls of the bare/spare modern building.

The all-glass structure is a bank across the street from the Cummins front door.

As we walked back to the coach after dark, we passed The Commons with its angled wall where Ryan climbed the great playground two nights ago. The lighted clock tower is on the historic county courthouse.

Our final photo is stunning as a structure, and more stunning for its use: the county jail! Once again, I notice the use of color very similar to the Cummins logo color of red-orange.

Columbus does not seem to be showy or glamorous, but rather committed to making life interesting and attractive. They seem to say “If we’ve got to do it, let’s do it well so we can enjoy it for a long time.” The more we looked, the more we saw.

One last thing: I love a straight line as much as anyone you’ve ever met, but even I find it just a teeny bit over the top to plant so many trees in grids of straight lines!

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