Only a teaser…..

HUGE day that finds us down the road in Columbus, IN.

We knew this city would be an experience, because we drove through a few months ago and got just a taste of what was here. Read up a bunch since then, and knew we had to return.

Rolled into town about 4pm, and just wanted to see and touch a few highlights.

Yeah, right….those few highlights lasted until 8pm! We’re exhausted….it was wonderful!

Shot 340 photos!

Too much to edit….much less try to describe for you….at this point. Gotta get some sleep, then have at it in the morning.

A teaser for tonight:

7 thoughts on “Only a teaser…..

  1. I am sure you know to pick up the architectural self-guided tour to Columbus. It’s high on our list of favorite towns.

    • HA! Yes, we know of it, but haven’t been able to get to the Visitor Center when they’re open! A limitation of a bus and no toad….managed that street after hours when no traffic. Not missed it too much yet, because several of its sites were down other streets we couldn’t navigate.

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