Since we started this adventure in mid-April:

10,000 miles traveled
9,600 gallons of water used for daily needs
9,000 dollars for fuel
8,000 photos taken
but 400 photos used in blog (we give you only the best!)
2250 gallons of fuel burned
922 hours of diesel generator use
420 gallons of drinking water purchased
34 state or national park campgrounds visited
9 states visited

We’ve parked overnight in some glorious spots, some ugly/noisy spots, along downtown curbs, in business parking lots, out in the wilds, where we shouldn’t and had to move at 11:45pm, next to our repair shops, on sand, on grass that almost got us stuck, on slopes too steep for our jacks to level so our floor tilted, behind a relative’s house, beside the movie theater, outside not just Walmart, but also Lowes, Staples, Home Depot, Cracker Barrel, and Kroger!

Loved almost every single minute of it (still not keen about the time the generator broke a cheap fan belt when it was 100 degrees outside and we lost all our air conditioning….).

Love each other more every day (the tub moved everybody up a couple notches! pictures coming soon).

We’re about to start our biggest adventure yet, by doing a longer loop before getting back to Dayton. Not sure if it will be just two months long, or maybe three….to get us out of the winter cold!

Glad to have each of you along for the ride!

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