If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute

Woke up to rain….headed to a sweet little cafe for breakfast. Had found it on our mapping software, and wanted it from internet comments.

Nice move….Luisa’s Cafe in Harbert on Red Arrow Highway was a gem!

We were just up the road from Warren Dunes, and HAD to stop for a look at Tower Hill before leaving the area.

It was lonely.

The Big Taxi doesn’t look so big next to that hill.

Still raining, but we wanted to see the Lake Michigan shoreline in more detail toward Chicago than we’d done in the years of living here in our youth, so we trundled along.

Nice move….by the time we got to New Buffalo’s beach the rain had stopped, and by the time we spent 20 minutes walking on their sand the sun was out! Oh, and they had a South Bend Chocolate store….

Robyn likes marinas, and New Buffalo has a really extensive one with condos built between multiple channels. Michigan City’s marina looked to be as big, so we headed there.

Lovely sun and skies, but lots of wind that could cut you in half without a jacket! Look how we were able to park the Taxi almost on the beach. And look how we could see the Sears Tower and other skyscrapers in Chicago from our shoreline!

We had a blast walking their beach and pier out to the lighthouse….had to stop half way there because the waves were splashing across the pier! Wore out Ross and Ryan.

Lots of big, empty parking lots for their beach, marina, and Coast Guard station. We took a chance and caught a guy who looked to be working around the marina building. Yep, he was a security-type guy, and sure, we could park there for the night.

Oh my goodness, we’re parked 50 feet from the water, on two sides of us are expansive, grassy parks, and we have all the globes of light in the marina to keep us company! The security guy even gave us a clue about a real nice place to eat breakfast just a block away.

Life is real good….you just have to give it time to develop.

5 thoughts on “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute

  1. Ohhhh yes, they’ve got three huge parking lots! It took a real stretch of the imagination today to recall those days gone by when the sand was too hot to walk barefoot up Tower Hill!

  2. Hey I’m finally able to post again. Ive been reading your posts and I keep commenting but then they bounce back to me. I think this way works. Sorry Ive seemed silent. Hope all is well with you all!!! We just got back from Hilton Head but I think I enjoy the Great Lakes more. But I have to say that the fall drive through the Smoky Mts was amazing.

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